In addition to the impact that Coronavirus – COVID19 is having in terms of public health, the consequences have also been reflected in terms of the organization of companies and the implementation of telework, which in many situations will change from a temporary work method to a solution permanent.


In order to help companies, we invite Gonçalo Hall, founder of Remote Work Movement and Remote Shift, to a talk, where you will be able to understand how to maximize productivity in remote work.



– What is remote work
– Prepare your workspace
– How to prepare your day
– The importance of taking breaks
– Online communication
– The importance of documenting
– Home Office Sociability
– A perfect day at work
-Bodies are healthy mind
– Remote job label


Duration 1 hour (talk + Q&A). Via Zoom.
April 30th, 11:00 am.
Free registration (mandatory) HERE.



About the speaker:

Gonçalo Hall is a remote work consultant and specializes in training individuals and companies on the best strategies for working remotely. Launched the Remote Shift conference in Lisbon in 2019, with 300 participants and speakers from all over the world, the Remote Work Movement which, in addition to a podcast where it interviews leaders to work remotely, is also the consultant that helps companies in all areas to implement remote work in your processes. Gonçalo Hall already has workshops and talks around the world, including Bali, Budapest, Lisbon, Porto and soon Brazil.