Platform will allow establishing relationships between supply and demand for socially responsible actions. Guimarães is the only Portuguese city in this program, among several European representatives.

Guimarães received confirmation by the URBACT commissioner of the approval of the 2nd phase of the Cities4CSR project. This technological solution promoted by URBACT Cities4CSR and led by Guimarães translates into a collaborative infrastructure, which will allow the articulation between companies and solidarity organizations social, cultural and sports.

In an early stage of development, the platform will be open to Guimarães Marca companies, and will allow, on the one hand, to establish relationships between the offer of corporate social responsibility actions and the needs of local social institutions and, on the other hand, to share and replicate these good practices.

URBACT Cities4CSR is a European program for learning and exchanging experiences, promoting and developing solutions to problems and challenges that arise in urban areas, in which the cities of Guimarães (Portugal), Milan (Italy), Nantes (France) participate. ), Bratislava (Slovakia), Sofia (Bulgaria), Budaors (Hungary), Molina de Segura (Spain), Bratsa (Bulgaria), Kekava (Latvia) and Rijeka (Croatia).

In the first phase of the project, Guimarães Marca companies were involved institutions that are part of the Local Social Action Council and the URBACT team of international specialists, with a view to defining and materializing the actions to be developed in the second phase.