About Incubadora PevFactory

Guimarães and the industry have been holding hands for several centuries. Today, the city exports its products to more than 140 countries around the world. From fashion to footwear, to home textiles or cutlery, Guimarães has a strong history linked to all industry sectors. Therefore, PevFactory provides conditions for new entrepreneurs dedicated to a sector that has been reinventing itself for the past years.


Due to its location, typology and size, it assembles the precise needs for the establishment of an industrial structure. This polo is located in one of the most industrial parishes of the county, Selho S. Jorge – Pevidém.


An Academy of Innovation for the Industry will also be installed in this structure, whose mission is to create a structure capable of backing the maturing of ideas from companies and/or individuals employing the infrastructures and knowledge of the region and that has the following main goals:

  • To change the way the industry produces innovation, putting it on the way to Industry 4.0;
  • To create a business development center for new entrepreneurs and industries that want to develop innovative ideas;
  • To work at the intersection between innovation and entrepreneurship supporting industrial growth based on the added value of innovative ideas.


Thus, the academy will unite the industry in a perfect relationship between companies, knowledge centers and local government.


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