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Coletibo is a Portuguese creative agency, whose mission is to bring the best of brands to consumers. It arises from the meeting of people who have in common the passion for design and marketing, forming an experienced and multi-disciplinary team.


Created in 2020, it arises from Cláudia Torcato’s will to create a company aimed at supporting the Portuguese business fabric, focusing on the areas of sales, marketing and communication. To team up, she challenged Ricardo Tadeu Barros and Tiago Quental to join the project, allowing her to create a team with multidisciplinary skills, with expertise in Management, Marketing; Communication and Digital Marketing.


They are a 360 agency. Companies feel the need for an Omnichannel offer, with a focus on digital. In this sense, we present ourselves as a support for the development of brands locally and internationally, with the ability to develop the entire brand strategy taking into account digital or physical proximity to customers and consumers.


They are skilled in working from external and consumer communication to internal communication and corporate work. Their services are focused on 4 main areas:

  • Consulting in the area of Sales and Marketing and Communication
  • Branding – we create and manage brands: Company Identity; Brand Strategy; Naming; Visual Identity; Brand Manual; Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing: Webdesign: E-commerce; Social Networks; Campaigns
  • Communication: we develop a communication plan; Video|Photography; Advertising; Brand Activation; Point of Sale Promotion; Events.


Coletibo aims to be a national reference, directed to SME’s. Their commitment is with the Client. They are totally Customer Driven. The total adaptation to the needs of each client is their biggest competitive advantage allowing them to achieve success and total customer satisfaction.


They like challenges, so they hope to hear from you. Follow them on social networks where you can get more information and see their work.


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