More than a hundred films by national and international authors were submitted to the competition.

“Presenting Vidda Royalle” was the winning film in the Home Textiles category, in the “Guimarães Marca Fashion Festival” contest, the results of which were announced at a ceremony that took place last Saturday at Fábrica ASA.


109 films by national and international authors were submitted to the competition, divided into the following categories: National Fashion Films by Independent Authors, Branded, Technical Textiles, International Fashion Films and the Home Textiles category. The works were inspired by the contrast between the cinematographic wave and new technologies, the theme of this edition.


Aiming to highlight the fashion film as a privileged audiovisual language to promote and disseminate the work of national and international creators of the fashion industry, the third edition of the Fashion Film Festival (FFF) was held, co-organized by the Municipality of Guimarães and Seletiva Moda, awarding the best work done in the international context of fashion, creativity, design and multimedia production.


Parallel to this event, the “Desfile & Showcase Guimarães Marca” took place, through the affirmation and promotion of the economic and cultural fabric of the county, with works carried out by students of the Fashion Design and Marketing course, who were inspired by the “ textile waste”, under the theme “Life beyond rubbish”.



Fashion Film Festival Awards



Best Film: At the movies (Piupiu Chick)

Best Director: Inês Oliveira (The New Eden)

Best Photography: Nightwear of Dreams (Gustavo Carvalho)



Best Director: Mónica Fernandes dos Santos (Alma)

Best Photography: Fagen (André Tentugal)



Best Film: Huanted by Love (Vogue Spain)

Best Director: Omar Perineau (Bum in Heaven)

Best Photography: The Forms (Alex Pizzigallo)

Newspaper Movie T: Own Tradition 2.0



Best Film: Presenting Vidda Royalle (Vidda Royalle)



Best Film: The Connection (Barata Garcia)