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ExcerWise is an online training and eSports platform for professional athletes, amateurs, home users, and for use in physiotherapy, physical recovery for the elderly and disabled, as well as purely recreational use for the disabled through a new type of cardiovascular equipment connected to the internet such as treadmills, elliptical / orbitals, bicycles or rowing machines. The platform creates a photorealistic visual environment in which users (athletes, players) are placed, just like in a car racing game where the cars are individual players, or a first-person shooter.


It allows you to create your player profile, record and analyze health data, synchronize with other devices, manage friends and create teams, recreate past events where someone can participate, for example, a Tour de France, where data from real events is used to recreate the entire race and the player enters as an additional combatant.


The user can choose from a variety of environments, such as running on city streets (with famous sites to select from such as Times Square in New York, Arc de Triomphe in Paris, etc.) or forest roads, riverside walks and other locations. The user can also purchase additional tracks, either on demand or by subscription. Training times and personal lap records are stored and can be used to compete, either with yourself or with others;  friends can be invited as training partners, even if they are not online, using their stored training data.


Further it offers synchronization with your favorite music provider (Spotify, iTunes, etc.), real-time audio and voice connections for friends or teams, voice notes, synchronizing with a mobile phone, but also coach-assisted training, where a coach enters a session with the player(s) and can interact with the player(s).


The advanced version comes with a pod (cabin) where physical simulations are possible – atmospheric and climatic changes that are an important factor in the training of professional athletes. This can reduce expensive and time-consuming travel to oxygen-rich (or poor) locations.  Professional training programs are available, tailored to each athlete.


The application in physiotherapy allows a faster and more fun recovery, allows for example wheelchair users to take a “walk in the forest”, something that in the real world could never be accomplished.