About LabPac

O LabPac provides potential entrepreneurs or professionals in creative areas the opportunity to be part of a specialized incubator, offering a place supplied with all the technical equipment and necessary know-how for the development of their business. Located in the heart of Guimarães, in the Platform of Arts and Creativity, LabPac welcomes new companies and startups of creative origin, with a maximum of three to five years of activity.


The Department of Economical Division of the Municipality of Guimarães has observed a clear increase in the number of students and graduates of artistic and creative areas, at a higher or professional level. It is crucial to support them directly, by creating and offering them the basic tools for entry in the job market, helping them create their own jobs, and become a fundamental element for the strengthening of the business fabric of Guimarães.


This municipal incubator is established as an infrastructure for creative industries, designed to stimulate creative and entrepreneur abilities, thus contributing to enhance the business and industrial fabric of the county of Guimarães. LabPac offers 13 individual areas and common services in the same physical space, in order to promote and host entrepreneurs and companies with innovative projects and ideas, with high potencial for growth and future market implementation.



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Plataforma das Artes e da Criatividade
Av. Conde Margaride, nº 175
4810-535 Guimarães, Portugal


Telephone: 253 421 231

E-mail: secretariado.labpac@cm-guimaraes.pt