Luís Barbosa

CEO and Certified Accountant at Business Skills


Luís Barbosa is the CEO and the coordinator of Business Skills, an Accounting and Business Consulting company. From an early age he discovered the business world and realized that the essence of entrepreneurship is in wanting to do it. Luís pushes his limits and goes beyond the corporate office in the pursuit of customers’ dreams and passions. Luís guides entrepreneurs to transform small businesses in to big businesses.

Últimas notícias

Guimarães welcomes another group of Ukrainian refugees
Esta terça-feira chegou a Guimarães mais um grupo de refugiados ucranianos. Cerca de seis dezenas de refugiados do conflito na
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Set.Up Guimarães will be on stage at :::BOOST 22’!
  Set.Up Guimarães will be on stage at :::BOOST 22’! Organized by the Nucleus of Management Students (NEG) of the
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Parish Councils of the municipality of Guimarães are the collection points for raising goods in favor of the Ukrainian people
All those interested in joining the fundraising campaign in favor of the Ukrainian people should go to the respective Parish
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Set.Up Guimarães will participate in Click 4 Help 2022
Click 4 Help is a solidary training event that aims to directly support IPSS, SMEs and university organizations in their
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