The Sustainable Employment Commitment is presented as an exceptional and transitory measure and consists of an incentive for the permanent hiring of unemployed persons registered at the Instituto do Emprego e da Formação Profissional, IP, based on the combination of financial support for hiring and support financial support for the payment of social security contributions, support that can be combined with measures to encourage employment of a fiscal or quasi-fiscal nature.


The Sustainable Employment Commitment measure consists of granting the employer financial support for the conclusion of an open-ended employment contract with an unemployed person registered with the Instituto do Emprego e da Formação Profissional, IP, hereinafter referred to as IEFP, IP


Employer requirements

Individual or legal persons of a private legal nature, whether for profit or not, who meet the requirements set out in this ordinance can apply for the measure.


Entities that have started:

  • a) Special revitalization process provided for in the Insolvency and Business Recovery Code (CIRE), approved by Decree-Law no . enough of the decision referred to in paragraph 4 of article 17-C of the CIRE;
  • b) Extrajudicial Regime for the Recovery of Companies (RERE), approved by Law no . , of 3 August, amended by Decree-Law no .
    • i) Certificate from the commercial register proving the deposit of the negotiation protocol at the Commercial Registry Office, provided for in paragraph 1 of article 6 of the RERE; or
    • ii) Proof of the order referred to in paragraph c) of paragraph 1 of article 6 of Decree-Law no. 178/2012 , of 3 August, amended by Decree-Law no. 26/ 2015 , of February 6th.

The employer must meet the following requirements:

a) Be regularly constituted and registered;

b) Fulfill the legal requirements required for the exercise of the activity or provide proof of having started the applicable process;

c) Have the tax and contributory situation regularized before, respectively, the tax administration and social security;

d) Not being in default with respect to financial support granted by the IEFP, IP;

e) Have the situation regularized in terms of refunds in the context of financing from the European Structural and Investment Funds;

f) Have organized accounting in accordance with the law;

g) Not having arrears of salary payments, with the exception of the situations provided for in paragraph 2 of this article;

h) Not having been convicted in a criminal proceeding or serious or very serious administrative offense for violation of labor legislation, namely on discrimination at work and access to employment, in the last three years, unless the sanction imposed in the scope of that process results in a deadline higher, in which case the latter applies.


Requirements for granting financial support:

a) Publication and registration of a job offer, on the portal, signaled with the intention of applying for the measure;

b) Signing an employment contract with an unemployed person registered with the IEFP, IP;

c) Net job creation and maintenance of the level of employment achieved through the support;

d) The provision of professional training for the duration of the support;

e) Compliance with the provisions in terms of guaranteed minimum monthly remuneration and, when applicable, with the respective collective labor regulation instrument, namely in determining the remuneration offered in the contract.

All information is described in  Ordinance No. 38/2022 .