Regulation to support the economy extended to sectors of activity 

Florists, kiosks, catering and cosmetic products, among others, included in the regulation of the “Retomar Guimarães” program.


The integration of new CAE (Economic Activities) to the regulation “Retaking  Guimarães – Extraordinary Direct Support Program for the Local Economy” was approved by the Municipal Assembly.   


The retail trade of newspapers, magazines and stationery, in specialized establishments; retail sale of cosmetic and hygiene products in specialized establishments; retail sale of flowers, plants, seeds and fertilizers in specialized stores; traditional type restaurants; restaurants with counter seating; restaurants without table service; typical restaurants; restaurants with dance space and ready-to-take-home meals are now included in the regulation of the “Retomar Guimarães” program.  


The new CAE contemplated can be found at the link: .


This program consists of non-refundable financial support, allocated monthly and corresponding to 50% of the monthly charges for energy (gas and electricity) and environment (water, sanitation and solid waste) bills during 2021, with retroactive effect to January 2021.


This support from the Municipality of Guimarães aims to promote the economy of proximity, with a focus on the sustainability of micro and small businesses – including individual entrepreneurs, most affected by the pandemic crisis, as well as helping to maintain jobs.


Interested parties can request clarification through Espaço Empresa, located on the Platform of Arts and Creativity (Avenida Conde Margaride), on weekdays at the following times (9:00 am to 12:30 pm and from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm). The following contacts are also available: telephone 253 421 213 and e-mail: .


Applications can be made through the link: