In the meeting a group of about two dozen companies and institutions participate in the Local Action Group of Guimarães.


The meeting aimed to identify the main difficulties that solidarity institutions and companies face in their relationship. It is intended to develop the tools to improve communication between companies and social institutions. Establishing bridges and optimizing resources promoting the concepts of help and solidarity in the Guimarães community.


The objective is the development of a collaborative technological infrastructure, which will allow the articulation between companies and organizations of social, cultural and sports solidarity. As a final objective, the municipality intends to reinforce the capacity of social support through the improvement of local public policies and the elaboration of a local strategy anchored in the business fabric for the promotion and dynamization of Corporate Social Responsibility actions.


URBACT is a European program for learning and exchanging experiences, promoting and developing solutions to problems and challenges that arise in urban areas, in which the cities of Guimarães (Portugal), Milan (Italy), Nantes (France) participate. , Bratislava (Slovakia), Sofia (Bulgaria), Budaors (Hungary), Molina de Segura (Spain), Bratsa (Bulgaria), Kekava (Latvia) and Rijeka (Croatia).