Set.Up Guimarães is now certified for Startup Visa, a program to welcome foreign entrepreneurs who wish to develop an entrepreneurship and/or innovation project in Portugal, with a view to granting a residence visa or residence permit for entrepreneurial immigrants governed by its own regulation (Normative Order n.º4/2018, of 2 February).


StartUP Visa is a program to welcome foreign entrepreneurs, without permanent residence in the Schengen Area, who intend to develop an entrepreneurship and innovation project in Portugal, with a view to granting a residence visa and residence permit, governed by Normative Order no. 4/2018, of February 2nd, and applicable to:
a) Entrepreneurs who intend to develop their entrepreneurial and innovative project in Portugal, even if they have not set up a company;
b) Entrepreneurs who already have business projects in their countries of origin and who intend to carry out their activity in Portugal.


The benefits granted to foreign entrepreneurs are:
➢ Granting of a Residence Visa and Residence Permit to be granted by the competent authorities (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreigners and Borders Service);
➢ Welcoming projects and entrepreneurs, through a network of incubators certified by IAPMEI, I.P

The program works continuously and the registration of entrepreneurs, as well as the submission of applications, can be done in Portuguese or English, exclusively through the form available on the program’s online platform.


For more information, it is recommended to consult the additional documentation published on the StartUP Visa page of the IAPMEI website.

You can also consult the Application Guide.