About TecPark

 Founded in 2008, TecPark’s head office is located in the parish of S. Cláudio de Barco. The building is located in the Central Core of AVEPARK – Scientific and Technological Park of Guimarães, where the logistical support of the infrastructure is located, along with its common services, auditorium, videoconference rooms, meeting/training, and cafe/restaurant.


Located in its proximity are the Spinpark building, providing spaces for the integration of companies with specific characteristics, namely those that need laboratories in the field of semi-industrial scale biotechnology, and the 3B’s building — hosting IEETMR — European Institute for Excellence in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, and research groups in the areas of biomaterials, biodegradables, and biometrics. Also located nearby is the Farfetch building, a company with studios and editing operations, image, photography, styling, and logistics, directed towards the e-commerce of articles and luxury fashion. Together, these three entities accommodate hundreds of professionals and entrepreneurs.


TecPark can host 20 companies, preferably spinoff and startup companies coming from the university field, polytechnic institutes or the industry, or with high and rapid growth potencial in terms of business volume and job positions. Other preferencial beneficiaries of the incubator are companies that favor advanced knowledge transfer to the industrial production, that are technologically based or that are promoted by young entrepreneurs in the fields of internationalization, information technologies, communications and electronics, computing, programming, product design, energy, environment, biotechnology, engineering, and that, in general, are based in other fields of scientific knowledge or contribute to process innovation, production methods or business management.



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Lugar da Gandra
4805-017 Barco


Telefone: 253 470 600
E-mail: tecpark@cm-guimaraes.pt